Version 4.2 officially released; fixes Facebook & reddit

June 8, 2017 Leave a comment

Version 4.2 is now officially released.  It fixes Facebook photos (except profile photos).


Released 4.2beta2; fixes most Facebook photos

June 7, 2017 2 comments

I’ve released version 4.2beta2, which fixes most Facebook photos (except profile photos).


Released version 4.1; fixes facebook, imgur galleries, etc.

January 29, 2017 5 comments

Version 4.1 is now released, with these changes since 4.0:

Web site changes:

  • Fixed Facebook profile image pop-ups.
  • Fixed galleries to once again be recognized as galleries and support navigation with left and right arrow keys.
  • Disabled attempting to show pop-ups for *.gifv images on Imgur. Gifv images have been showing an error indicator and not popping up since June 2016, when stopped providing webm images. These can no longer work for technical reasons.
  • Fixed (was broken for some users)
  • Fixed to work even if the Amazon checkbox is disabled.
  • Fixed “Others (Indirect)” for some pop-ups.

Feature changes:

  • Hotkey ‘y’ now searches for the image on (and ‘g’ searches on Google Images, as before).
  • Removed the ‘x’ hotkey (which used to disable Thumbnail Zoom Plus, and caused confusion when accidentally pressed).
  • Pressing the ‘key to not display’ , such as Control (see TZP Preferences) now pops down the pop-up. This works as long as the same key is not the configured ‘key to maximize the image’.
  • Supports Firefox versions as old as 24.
  • Supports the Pale Moon browser (a Firefox fork).
  • Increased “Save Full-size ImageAs” max default filename length from 32 to 64 characters.

TZP 4.0 supports self-hosted images

June 16, 2016 14 comments

Thumbnail Zoom Plus version 4.0 is now officially released.  It fixes support for self-hosted images on and .

Version 3.9beta1 fixes

May 13, 2016 Leave a comment

I’ve released version 3.9beta1 for beta testers to try.  This fixes most of the recent problems on

Thumbnail Zoom Plus 3.8 released

April 4, 2016 8 comments

Thumbnail Zoom Plus 3.8 is now available. Changes since version 3.7:

  • Adds compatibility with up-coming Firefox versions 46-48.
  • Compatible with Firefox as old as version 27.

TZP 3.8beta1 adds compatibility with upcoming Firefox versions

March 13, 2016 1 comment

I’ve released Thumbnail Zoom Plus 3.8beta1 with these changes since 3.7:

  • Adds compatibility with up-coming Firefox versions 46-48.
  • Compatible with Firefox as old as version 27.
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