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Thumbnail Zoom Plus 2.4 adds new features and many more sites

I’ve released Thumbnail Zoom Plus 2.4, which is now the default version.  Existing users should see it upgrade automatically in the next few days, or can update it manually.  This version has several significant improvements since 2.3.2.  Version 2.4 is the same as the recent beta release 2.4rc4.

New features (since 2.3.2):

  • Added page type “Others (Indirect)“, allowing Thumbnail Zoom Plus to work with more web sites (e.g. ebay.com).  Details:
    • It finds the full-size image “indirectly” by reading the web page of the hovered link.
    • May run slower than other rules since it has to retrieve the extra web page.
    • While it’s reading and processing the indirect web page it’ll show a TZP working icon with two dots ( ).  When it’s actually reading the image it’ll show the usual working icon with three dots (  ).
    • Known issue: occasionally, when hovering one thumb and quickly moving to another, you may then see the pop-up from the wrong thumb.
  • Added preference “Max Size“, which gives you the option of seeing larger pop-ups than before.  It can be set to:
    • Web Page” (default): the pop-up will stay within the web page’s area of the screen (like prior versions of Thumbnail Zoom did).
    • Window“: the pop-up will stay within the overall Firefox window, but may cover toolbars and menus.
    • Screen“: the pop-up may appear anywhere on the screen except areas reserved for the operating system’s Task Bar, Dock, overall Menu Bar, or Start Menu.  This setting lets you see the largest pop-ups possible.
  • Added hotkey ‘g‘ to Search Google Images for the current image.  Details:
    • Press the “g” key while a pop-up is displayed to open a Google Images Search for the viewed image.
    • It’s a great way to find a better quality version of an image, or other images related to it.
    • This works by searching for the web address of the image (so it may not work for images which require a log-in).
    • The Google Images Search will be done using Google’s default Safe Search settings, which are generally whatever Safe Search settings you used last time.  Be advised that it’s always possible for Google Search results to include adult content and we have no control over that.
  • Changed the hotkey to toggle image captions from “c” to “i” (as in “information”).
  • Copy Image or Copy Image Location to Clipboard:
    • Press the “c” key while a pop-up is displayed to copy the image to the clipboard.  You can then paste it into an email, editor, Photoshop, etc.
    • Press the “l” (the letter “ell” as in ‘location”) key while a pop-up is displayed to copy its web location (URL) into the clipboard.
  • Thumbnail Zoom Plus now works “chrome://” and “data://” web page addresses so it can work with pages generated by add-ons like “Show Me More” and “Browse Images“.
  • Added preference “Save As Name” to determine the default filename for the Save Enlarged Image As… command.  Options are:
    • Caption: use image’s caption text, like TZP 2.3
    • Web Address: like TZP 2.2 and older
    • Cap. & Web: caption text followed by web address
    • Web & Cap: web address followed by caption text
  • Compatible with Firefox 22 and older.
  • Fixed problem when running Firefox 20 and newer, which caused pop-ups to stop working after trying to hover one whose image is missing.

New Web Site Support using “Others (Indirect)”:

Other New and Improved Web Site Support:

  • Added redfin.com (for property overview thumb and medium photos; doesn’t support gallery of thumbs for an individual property)
  • Added kickstarter.com
  • Improved minus.com
  • Fixed caption text from reddit.com when the Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) is enabled.
  • Fixed godaddy.com to prevent pop-ups from button in My Account and DNS Manager.
  • Added ixquick.com
  • Added meetme.com
  • Improved positioning of pop-up on Facebook.com profile pics.
  • Added asos.com
  • Added pandora.com
  • Fixed Google Images to work even when “Google Images direct links” from UserScripts.org is in use.
  • added etsy.com
  • added rhapsody.com
  • added allmusic.com
  • added favim.com
  • added startpage.com
  • added tapiture.com
  • added pixiv.com
  • improved pixiv.net
  • changed imdb.com to limit the max size of pop-ups to 800 pixels high for faster display.
  • fixed taobao.com to work on more thumbs.
  • fixed redfin.com & other sites which embed google maps to not show pop-ups for map tiles.
  • fixed Yahoo Maps to not show pop-ups
  • now supports picsarus.com image links
  • twitter.com: prevents pop-up on login screen’s background.
  • Fixed pinterest.com
  • Fixed tumblr.com search results page, etc.
  • Fixed to prevent pop-ups on redditp.com.
  1. Chang-Jui, Chen
    March 28, 2013 at 2:00 am

    Hello, I just wanna say thanks!!

    but it doesn’t work in pinterest.com again… 😦

    plz fix it, thank you.

  2. Mark
    March 31, 2013 at 10:26 am

    This is working great for me (using the Firefox browser). Just wondering if you could add utility for Panoramio.com, particularly for using the ‘Explore World Map’ function there.

  3. April 18, 2013 at 8:15 am

    Can I turn off, that the zoomed image is shown on my second screen? I have a 24″ and a 15.6″ screen (notebook). If the browser is on the big screen, the zoomed image will be shown (if it is a large image) on the second, smaller screen + only a part of it. This might because of the smaller resolution of my second screen. If dont want pictures to be shown on my second screen if the browser is the first screen.
    Win7x32; Firefox 22.

    • April 18, 2013 at 8:38 am

      There isn’t an option specifically for that. But it may help to set Thumbnail Zoom Plus preference “Max size” to “Window” instead of “Screen”; that should ensure that the pop-up covers only the area occupied by the Firefox window itself (which is on your larger monitor).

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