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Thumbnail Zoom Plus 2.2beta1

I’ve released version 2.2beta1 with these changes since 2.1 and 2.1rc4:

Site Support:

Experimental New Feature:

  • While a pop-up is displayed, press the square bracket keys “[” or “]” to view the image numerically before or after the displayed image (respectively).  EG if it’s displaying cat-3.jpg, pressing “]” will show cat-4.jpg.  Press “]” again to go to cat-5.jpg.
    • It changes the last number in the image’s web address (URL), so it works if images are named numerically sequentially.
    • It’s useful on sites which name their images using sequential numbers (and even on Google Images searches of those sites), but many other sites don’t name images that way; don’t expect it to work everywhere.
    • Let me know if  find this feature useful.
    • Example: Kittens Pictures (hover the main image; after the pop-up appears, press “]” to go to the next; repeat for the next after that).


  • Improved caption text (for Facebook.com, reddit.com, 500px.com, youtube.com, imgur.com, etc.).
  • Improved “Save Enlarged Image As“: the default filename is now based on the image’s caption text and illegal characters are automatically removed.
  • Improved “Add to history” to add to history not just the popped-up image but also the link which caused it (ensuring the link turns purple on Reddit.com).
  • Changed so Thumbnail Zoom Plus can work on galleries generated by the PrevNextArrows firefox add-on.
  • Fixed problem in Firefox Beta 15 and higher, which sometimes caused pop-ups not to appear anymore.
  • Other bug fixes

Please send feedback to firefox.add.on@davidadler.name or comment here.

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