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Thumbnail Zoom Plus 2.0: faster, new features, and more sites

We’ve released version 2.0, which displays images faster and adds several new features and sites.

New Features and Changes:

  • Special mouse cursor when link target is same as pop-up image: A special mouse cursor indicates when the target of the hovered thumbnail or link is identical to the popped-up image.  This tells you that clicking the link won’t show you anything different than the pop-up.  The cursor looks like this:
  • Save Enlarged Image As (hot-key ‘s’):
    • now saves the image in its original file format and size.  No longer converts it to uncompressed png.
    • now disables rather than hiding the menu item when it’s not available (so menu items don’t move while you’re using the menu).
    • now keeps the Save Enlarged Image As menu item active even after the pop-up has closed.
    • the Save As dialog’s title now includes the image’s caption text so you know which image you’re saving.
  • Faster display: pop-ups will now show an image as it loads line-by-line instead of only in large chunks.  Helps with slow sites or connections or very high-resolution images.
  • Changed toolbar icon when Thumbnail Zoom Plus is disabled to make it easier to see:
  • Added “Debug” check-box and “Copy Log” button in Preferences.  These help you send information to the developer if there is a problem.
  • Added tool-tip for preference “Scrolling triggers pop-up
  • Bug fixes, including problems on Firefox 15.0.


  • Added nytimes.com (for many of its thumbnails)
  • Added photo.net
  • Added photo.xuite.net
  • Added smugmug.com
  • Added memegenerator.net
  • Improved flickr to work with their new Favorites gallery
  • Added skylin.es
  • Improved picfog.com
  • Improved twicsy.com
  • Fixed viddy.com
  • Added redbox.com
  • Fixed Facebook and Netflix pop-up positioning to avoid covering the site’s own pop-up better when page zoom is not 100%.
  • The “Wikipedia” check-box now supports not just wikipedia.com, but most sites which use the mediawiki framework.
  • Now supports sites which are Powered By Coppermine Gallery
  • Now supports sites which use the tw-galerie and piwigo frameworks.
  • Now supports sites which use phpThumb.php.
  1. June 29, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    It’s not working with Pinterest on https.

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