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Thumbnail Zoom Plus 1.7.3 has Global Disable, New Preferences, fixes, etc.

Version 1.7.3 and 1.7.3rc1 fix a bug in 1.7.2 which caused Thumbnail Zoom Plus pop-ups not to appear for users who don’t have the Thumbnail Zoom Plus toolbar button in any toolbar.

Other changes since the official 1.7.1 release:

Added the ability to globally enable/disable Thumbnail Zoom Plus:

  • Added global Enablecheck-box to the top of the Preferences window.
  • Added hotkey ‘x‘ to toggle the global “Enable”.
  • When Thumbnail Zoom Plus is disabled, you can still use it if you hold down the “Key to maximize image” (default: Shift) while moving into the thumbnail. Then press ‘x’ to re-enable Thumbnail Zoom Plus.
  • Changed the toolbar menu into a separate toggle button and menu. Click on the button to turn off TZP for all sites or click again to turn on. Or click the arrow to the right of the button for the menu.

New Preferences:

  • Scrolling triggers pop-up“. By default this is Off, but if you turn it on, scrolling the page under the mouse will trigger pop-ups to appear (which was the default behavior in version 1.6.0). Enabling is useful on sites which aren’t too dense with thumbnails (eg reddit.com); disabling is useful on sites with very many thumbs (eg Google Images).
  • Added preference “Pop-up Takes Keyboard Focus”:
    • When on (the default) the pop-up takes keyboard focus from the web page so you’ll realize typing is for the pop-up’s hotkeys, not the web page. The pop-up closes when it loses keyboard focus.
    • Turn off if you’re having trouble with the pop-up closing immediately or if a web page’s pop-up menus close when the Thumbnail Zoom Plus pop-up appears (eg on certain Linux machines).


  • Pressing up, down, left, or right arrow key while pop-up is displayed will now scroll the web page. Used with “Scrolling triggers pop-up” on, lets you view successive thumbs’ pop-ups by simply pressing the “down” key to scroll the page. Limitation: doesn’t scroll html frames.
  • Pressing Return or Enter while the pop-up is displayed is like pressing that key on the page itself, typically activating the hovered link.
  • Non-alphanumeric keys pressed while the pop-up is displayed are now passed through to the web page.

Supported Sites:

  • Facebook: handles embedded videos better.
  • added egotastic.com
  • improved myspace.com
  • improved pinterest.com
  • Added instantwatcher.com
  • Prevented pop-ups from my.xmarks.com
  • deviantart.com: fixed problem with the site’s Friends and Groups pop-up menus
  • google.com: prevented Google logo from showing as pop-up.
  • Added photosight.com (previously only had photosight.ru)
  • handles background-image tags better, adding support for more sites.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: in 1.7.2, Thumbnail Zoom Plus pop-ups would not to appear for users who didn’t have the Thumbnail Zoom Plus toolbar button in any toolbar.
  • Fixed: now honors disabled site check-boxes more strictly. Previously, disabling e.g. Facebook or Youtube disabled site-specific rules for those sites but didn’t prevent pop-ups due to Others or Thumbnails rules. Now if you disable a site, no pop-ups will appear from that site at all.
  • Fixed: it sometimes re-displayed the pop-up when slowly moving the mouse out of the thumbnail.

Thanks to David Kump for running tests for me and raymond.l for reviewing it so quickly.

  1. Andres
    June 6, 2012 at 9:20 am

    Excellent complement! I would like them to add support for sites yfrog.com, instagr.am, pic.twitter.com, lockerz.com.

  2. June 6, 2012 at 11:55 pm

    Those sites should work when their thumbs are viewed from twitter.com or twitpic.com . Do you find that not working, or do you want to view them directly on yfrog.com, instagr.am, and lockerz.com?

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