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Thumbnail Zoom 1.7.2beta1 released

I have released version 1.7.2beta1.  It has these changes since the official 1.7.1 release:


  • Added the ability to globally enable/disableThumbnail Zoom Plus:
    • Added global “Enable” check-box to the top of the Preferences window.
    • Added hotkey ‘x‘ to toggle the global “Enable”.
    • When Thumbnail Zoom Plus is disabled, you can still use it if you hold down the “Key to maximize image” (default: Shift) while moving into the thumbnail.  Then press ‘x’ to re-enable Thumbnail Zoom Plus.
    • Changed the toolbar menu into a toggle button and a menu.  Click on the button to turn off TZP for all sites or click again to turn on.  Or click the arrow to the right of the button for the menu.
  • Added preference “Scrolling triggers pop-up“.  By default this is Off, but if you turn it on, scrolling the page under the mouse will trigger pop-ups to appear (which was the behavior in older versions of Thumbnail Zoom Plus).  Enabling is useful on sites which aren’t too dense with thumbnails (eg reddit.com); disabling is useful on sites with very many thumbs (eg Google Images).
  • Pressing up, down, left, or right arrow key while pop-up is displayed will now scroll the web page.  Used with “Scrolling triggers pop-up” on, lets you view successive thumbs’ pop-ups by simply pressing the “down” key to scroll the page.  Limitation: doesn’t scroll html frames.
  • Pressing Return or Enter while the pop-up is displayed is like pressing that key on the page itself, typically activating the hovered link.
  • Non-alphanumeric keys pressed while the pop-up is displayed are now passed through to the web page.

Supported Sites:

  • Facebook: handles embedded videos better.
  • added egotastic.com
  • improved myspace.com
  • improved pinterest.com
  • handles background-image tags better, adding support for more sites.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: now honors disabled site checkboxes more strictly.  Previously, disabling e.g. Facebook or Youtube disabled site-specific rules for those sites but didn’t prevent generic rules in Others or Thumbnails from applying.  Now if you disable a site, no pop-ups will appear from that site at all.
  • Fixed: it sometimes re-displayed the pop-up when slowly moving the mouse out of the thumbnail.

Please send feedback to me at firefox.add.on@davidadler.name .

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