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Released Version 1.6.1beta5

Version 1.6.1beta5 has been released.

Works with Firefox 3.0 – 13.0a1

Changes since 1.6.1beta4:

Site support:

  • Added WordPress.com (in Others and Thumbnails rules)
  • Improved Facebook.com: no longer shows popup over user’s own
    thumbnail when entering a comment (was distracting)
  • Improved Google.com, etc.: no longer shows popup for
    <input> fields such as the google search input box.
  • Improved Google Offsers, etc.: no longer shows popup for a
    background image if it contains other web page elements (such as
    the map background in Google Offers).
  • Improved Tumblr.com: profile thumbs now show popups.

Other Changes:

  • The popup now grabs keyboard focus (for its hotkeys), and pops
    down if it loses keyboard focus.
  • Thumbnail Zoom Plus’ hotkeys now work only when Control and
    Command are *not* pressed, allowing the user to use the standard
    Firefox hotkeys even when a popup is displayed.
  • Bug fixes
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